Newman Tools

Stretch Devices SDI Torque Wrench
Stretch Devices Open End Wrench

The Newman SDI Industrial Torque Wrench has Certified Torque Readings and is Aircraft Grade. It has a small head profile and a push button for directional change to make one-handed adjustments easy. Calibrating the torque wrench is simple as the gold plate on the handle helps separate the foot pounds on the wrench body. The handle is rubberized for maximum grip and comfort.åÊ


The MZX / M3 Double-Wide Combo Open End Wrench is our most commonly used wrench. The M1 is used for very small specialty frames such as CD and Cap frames and both wrenches are made of magnesium. The double-wide head fits over the entire endplug of the roller for a more secure grip during tensioning. The wrench is extra-long for better leverage and made of magnesium to minimize weight during use. Both wrenches are engineered to allow for fast and easy stretching.