Aquo Retarder

4 OZ.
16 OZ

Aquo Retarder is an additive used to slow the drying of inks as well as keeping the screen open during longer print runs. Aqua Retarder can be used with any of the Aquo ink series.

When using Aquo Retarder as an additive, we recommend mixing in 3-5% by weight and adjusting from there if necessary. Adding more than 15% to your inks may cause curing and opacity issues. When using on screen, we recommend mixing 50% retarder with water in a spray bottle to start and adjusting from there if necessary. Spray the screen lightly before starting your print run for the best results, then spray whenever necessary during the print run. Always test your inks on the substrate to ensure proper adhesion prior to production for desired look and effect when fully dried.