DTF Film 24" Roll


KIWO DTF FILM PREMIUM is a PET (Polyester) substrate circa 120 micron coated on one side with a special aqueous receptive layer, designed to be transferred via thermal reaction. The non coated side is normally left uncoated or with a single layer “nonslip” coating to improve registration. As opposed to Inkjet Film used for screen printing film positives and negatives, KIWO DTF FILM PREMIUM is designed in combination with the addition of a specialist adhesive layer post printing, to be transferred via thermal reaction to any thermally stable substrate, such as cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, 50/50 blends, and more (must have a higher Glass Transition and Melting point than the DTF process).


  • Premium lay flat coated film

  • Cold and warm peel product

  • Consistent coating

  • Slip coated for registration accuracy

  • Available locally through national distribution

  • 24”x 328’ rolls



  • 60 to 100 um TPU powder/co blend

  • 257°F / 125°C - IR Bed.

  • 260°F / 127°C @ 10 sec. Heat Press, Medium to High Pressure.

  • 260°F / 127°C @ 4 sec. Heat press application Medium to High Pressure with textured finishing sheet for better hand.

  • Note: Final Heat Press Temperatures can and do vary. Refer to Hot Melt TI for specific temperature recommendations.


Roll Size / Part Number

24" x 328' / 28004-D24