BBC Forced Air Conveyor Dryer

FA-244-2-2 240V 30A/26.2A-208V
FA3-244-2-2 240V 18A/15A-208V
FA-364-4-2 240V 50A/44A-208V
FA3-364-4-2 240V 29A/25A-208V

Take control of your capability type with a BBC Forced Air Conveyors. Beyond handling plastisol, the BBC Forced Air Conveyor dryers are perfect for water-based, discharge, digital-to-garment or pretreat. Dual digital controlled infrared heat zones and dry forced air work together to produce an optimal cure for your ink set. Not only can the BBC Forced Air Conveyors cure your ink but it sets the standard in the industry for productivity, through put and efficiency relative to its size. Highly Efficient BBC infrared panels provide the most even and efficient heat distribution available on the market. As the only electric infrared heat manufacture in the industry. BBC KNOWS HEAT. Conveyor belt extensions available.

Crating fee $550 plus LTL freight costs are additional.

**Ships directly from BBC Industries. Ships LTL Freight - call for shipping quote

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