Double Blade Squeegee (Workhorse Automatic Style)


The Action Engineering Double Blade Squeegee (formerly called Double Stroke) eliminates the need for having to stroke your screen twice, and gives you more penetration through the screen and substrate. They increase productivity dramatically and provide maximum penetration without bleeding through the garment.

The Double Blade Squeegee comes with 55/90/55 durometer rubber installed in the front, and 65/90/65 in the rear. The second blade acts to completely clear any ink that the first blade didn't clear. Push thick Plastisol through a finer mesh count.

  • Push thick Plastisol through a finer mesh count.
  • Improve your under-base resolution
  • Reduce fibrillation
  • Improve smoothness
  • Improve opacity

** Available for other brands of presses and in different sizes than shown here **