Easisolv 701N


EasiSolv䋢 701N Screen Wash and Stain Remover (with degreasers) is an environmentally approved, 100% active, low odor, extremely quick penetrating, and fast-acting solvent designed to dissolve and clean virtually all types of screen printable inks, adhesives, clear coatings, and stains from printing mesh. Plastisol, UV/solvent, conductive and industrial inks are quickly dissolved with EasiSolv 701N without the hazards and odors usually associated with aggressive solvents and caustic stain/haze removers. EasiSolv 701N works quickly and causes no damage to printing mesh when used as a stain remover.

EasiSolv 701N has built-in degreasers which will eliminate the need for an additional degreasing product as your final step in reclaim.

Ink Types:

Plastisol, UV/Solvent, Conductive, Industrial


  • Best overall Screen Wash & Stain Remover
  • Best for general stain removal
  • Contains degreasers
  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-caustic
  • RSL compliant for major brands
  • 701N will knock out new and old stains
  • 701N's built-in degreaser eliminates the need for an additional degreasing product at the end of the reclaim process
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