Easy Glow

12"x5yd Neon Yellow
12"x10yd Neon Yellow
12"x25yd Neon Yellow
12"x5yd Neon Orange
12"x10yd Neon Orange
12"x25yd Neon Orange
12"x5yd Neon Green
12"x10yd Neon Green
12"x25yd Neon Green
12"x5yd Neon Pink
12"x10yd Neon Pink
12"x25yd Neon Pink
12"x5yd Neon Blue
12"x10yd Neon Blue
12"x25yd Neon Blue

Siser EASY GLOW offers vibrant neon colors that are sure to stand out in the daytime.  But when the lights go out, that's when this material really shines.  Just like the Easyweed Glow material, Easy Glow "charges" by absorbing light over time.  Then when everything goes dark, Easy Glow gives off a radiant appearance.

Easy Glow is a cold/warm peel product and is not recommended for layering.  Easy Glow is also CPSIA certified and is safe for children's clothing.

Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Neon Blue