Easy Puff Metallic Silver / Gold

12"x5yd Metallic Silver
12"x5yd Metallic Gold
12"x10yd Metallic Silver
12"x10yd Metallic Gold
12"x25yd Metallic Silver
12"x25yd Metallic Gold

12" Roll   Available in Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold

Have your puffy designs shine even brighter with Easy Puff Metallic.  Featuring the same puffy effect you know and love from our standard Easy Puff line, Easy Puff Metallic also offers a sleek, shiny finish.  Easy Puff Metallic provides a bold style that's perfect for lettering and other large designs that can hightlight the elevated effect.  With a pressure-sensitive carrier, low application temperature, and eye catching sheen, Easy Puff Metallic truly lives up to its name.

Easy Puff Metallic differs from the standard Easy Puff line and REQUIRES a 2-press application process.  After the first press, the carrier must be peeled hot and the design should be covered with a cover sheet, then pressed a second time to activate the puff effect.  Because achieving proper pressure is key for activating the "puff" effect, it is not recommended to apply this material with a home iron.