Epic Amazing Bright Tiger White


Wilflex K2200 EPIC Amazing Bright Tiger White is a non-phthalate white ink designed for applications on 100% cotton and cotton/polyester blends where moderate bleed resistance is required. This white ink is press stable, giving printers flexibility to operate at a wide range of mesh counts, squeegee pressures and pallet temperatures. Amazing Bright Tiger White offers premium opacity and a soft hand feel.

This new ink from Avient (Wilflex) brings the best of Epic Bright Tiger and Epic Amazing Bright White together in one amazing ink.

  • Excellent opacity and coverage, brilliant white
  • Premium hand, drape and fiber-matte down
  • Excellent bleed resistance on poly-blends
  • Commendable printability at a wide range of squeegee pressures
  • Excellent for vector graphics and also for fine mesh half-tone graphics
  • Suitable for manual and automatic printing

Item #K2200

Cures: 300 degrees

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