RB201 Permanent Blockout


RhinoBlock RB201 Permanent Blockout

RB201 is a Permanent Blockout that replaces the use of tape to blockout the area between the emulsion and the aluminum frame. This permanent blackout is a one-time use and it will stay on the screen virtually forever. RB201 will speed up production by eliminating the tape application step,  remove the need to reapply tape every time you reclaim a screen and reduce tape purchasing costs. To use RB201, simply mix the catalyst with the blockout, squeegee it around the screen where you would be using tape, apply a small bead of blockout on the squeegee side of the screen where the aluminum and mesh meet and let dry. If you have mixed blockout leftover seal it in a container for up to 3 days.


  • Color: Blue
  • Solids: 19%
  • Viscosity: 4,700 cPs


  • Dries fast
  • Easy to use
  • Useful with all mesh sizes
  • Coverage in one coat
  • Durable / High abrasion resistance