Stencil Remover, Kiwo, **Freezable Supply Alert**


KIWO'S STENCIL REMOVER is an economical liquid concentrated stencil remover for all direct emulsions and capillary films. One quart makes up to 5 gallons of working solution. Larger quantities of 1 gallon and 5 gallon are available to be drop shipped only directly from Kiwo as they ship Hazardous. Please call Tech Support Screen Printing Supplies for pricing and availability.


Freezable supplies are not able to ship when overnight temperatures are below freezing (28 degrees). This is because the chemicals will be neutralized, thus rendered ineffective. This includes all liquid emulsions, liquid emulsion removers and a few water-based products. Our policy is to hold the item(s) on "weather back-order" until the weather (in our area and yours) is above freezing.
As an option, we can offer an alternative product (such as capillary film, emulsion remover powder concentrate, or aerosol adhesive). Freezable supplies are available for local pick-up.

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