1/GAL 4+

Crystalina is made of an iridescent translucent mylar flake that is suspended in a clear plastisol base. The clear base has a much lower loading of flakes so there is a greater amount of clear base. This allows the under color to show through when this ink is overprinted. Crystalina is also known as ‰ÛÏShimmer‰۝ and ‰ÛÏYellow Sparkle.‰۝ Because of the nature of the flake, it gives the overprinted color a shinny, sparkly, rich look. Crystalina is very similar to glitter. it gives the overprinted color a shinny, sparkle. Mesh counts of 40 and lower are recommended.

Item #: I10-9906-A

(fka 25-4011)

Fusion/Curing: 325℉/160℃ for 1 to 1 ½ minutes. Oven temperature can be increased and dwell time decreased. For heat presses use 390℉/195℃ for 8 seconds. Because metallics and lustres reflect it may be necessary to increase temperature and dwell time.

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